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In the list of videos below, the first video is the longest because it demonstrates what the youth worker says to the young person and how the young person tells the story back to them.

The remaining videos are shorter. They demonstrate how the young person tells the story back to the youth worker.


This story teaches a young person it’s okay to back out of a deal as soon as they realise they’ve made a mistake.

The decision to back out can mean the difference between

  • staying free or ending up in jail
  • making a family with a mature person or with an abuser
  • earning an income that suits them or settling for homelessness

It’s valuable to take the time to listen to the message the feeling of regret brings. In the short run, backing out can be the most difficult way to go, but in the long run, it can save them a lot of pain in the future.

New opportunities are always on the horizon.

We all learn by making mistakes.

Different Ways- Wisdom & Self-knowledge

The Value of Natural Gifts for Young People

What’s behind the story about Different Ways?

The Different Ways story teaches young people that, as they are students of life they are also teachers.

It demonstrates that people with different talents can appreciate each other instead of being envious or jealous.

It teaches the story teller that, when they admire another person for their talent, to remember that they themselves have a special talent as well.

This story can help them unearth their genius, their natural gifts

You will read the story, one line at a time, and they say it back to you, translating it into their own story as if it was really happening to them