The Native Symbol or Totem the Loon: A solitary bird of the wilderness, the Loon symbolises tranquility, serenity and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams. The Loon relies on water and water is a symbol for dreams and multiple levels of consciousness, therefore Loons teach us to pay attention to our dreams, wishes and hopes. A Legend says that to see a Loon is a symbol of a dream come true or an answered wish.

The eerie call of the loon is the human spirit crying out for justice.

Justice comes when young people are given the tools to make their wishes come true.

My Turnz Cards sets the foundation to weave the frayed threads of a tattered past into a bold tapestry.

... the children knew they missed out on essential guidance,
they said, "You've had your turn, now it's my turn!" 

Bravery, Persistence, Authenticity, Vitality, Generosity, Love, Social Intelligence, Self-regulation, Prudence, Citizenship, Fairness

and Equity, Leadership, Curiosity, Self-knowledge